For Businesses

Our commercial services are tailored to your business. We offer landfill, recycling, and organics containers to our customers.

Bin Sizes

You can choose from the following container sizes:



approx. 72” W x 34.5” H x 29.5” D
holds 1.5 cubic yards of waste



approx. 72” W x 41.5” H x 34.5” D
holds 2 cubic yards of waste



approx. 72” W x 50.5 H x 41.5” D
holds 3 cubic yards of waste



approx. 72” W x 57” H x 50.5” D
holds 4 cubic yards of waste

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Service Frequency

You may choose to have your landfill and commingle recycling containers emptied from once to five times per week. Compost/organics service is currently available for urban customers once per week.


We have two main recycling programs all of which are available to our customers at no additional charge.


Recycling is an environmentally sound choice and it will save your business money. By effectively recycling you will be able to reduce the volume of materials that are placed in your garbage dumpster. Since our pricing structure is based on the size/frequency of only your garbage service there is an excellent economic advantage to recycling any and all materials that are recyclable.


  1. Commingle “single stream” recycling

    Using this program you are able to mix all of your non-organic recyclables in a single container. This is the most efficient way for us to collect recyclables from your business because a single truck will come to service this container that may have dozens of different recyclable materials in it. All materials are transferred to a recycling processor where they are sorted for recycling.

    We’ve found that most businesses greatly benefit from this service. Your employees don’t need to waste time sorting materials. Also, this is the same type of recycling service that most people have at their homes and all of the same materials are accepted so educating your employees to fully participate in the recycling program at your business takes less effort.

    Container sizes available:

    • 96-gallon automated cart
    • 1.5-yard split-bin*
    • 2-yard split-bin*
    • 3-yard bin
    • 4-yard bin

    *1.5- and 2-yard service is provided in a split-bin and must be matched with the same size garbage service because the bin is literally split in half.

    We are happy to provide your business with assistance in developing a recycling plan as well as helping you determine if your waste is recyclable.

  2. Organics recycling (green container)

    With this service you can recycle all of your organic recyclable materials. This is a great service if you have landscaping that is maintained at your business.

    Container size available: 96-gallon automated carts, 2-, 3-, and 4-yard bins.

Container Placement

We require that your container is placed on a cement pad with easy access. Often businesses prefer to have their container placed inside of an enclosure. A representative can be sent to your location to discuss the placement of your container as well as provide you with assistance on designing either a pad or an enclosure.

Container Cleaning

You can request to have you containers steam cleaned twice per year. Any additional cleanings will be billed to your account. To schedule a cleaning please contact our office.