Drop Off & Pick-Up

These temporary containers are dropped off at your house or business and picked up when you’re ready for them to be hauled away.

Bin Sizes

You can choose from the following container sizes:


3 Yard

approx. 72” W x 50.5 H x 41.5” D
holds 3 cubic yards of waste
2,000 lbs limit


4 Yard

approx. 72” W x 57” H x 50.5” D
holds 4 cubic yards of waste
2,000 lbs limit


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Categories of Waste

There are many options for what these bins can hold. This includes:

A pile of household waste for a rent-a-bin.

Household Waste

A pile of wood for a rent-a-bin.

Remodel / Construction

A pile of greenwaste for a rent-a-bin.


A pile of trash for a rent-a-bin.


Commingled recycling is also accepted (image coming soon).

Important Capacity Notice

Rent-a-bin containers have a strict weight limit of 2,000lbs. If your bin exceeds this weight limit and our truck is able to haul it, there will be an additional fee for the extra weight. In the event that the truck is unable to haul an overweight bin, the excess weight will need to be offloaded (customer responsibility). This may also cause an additional trip charge.